Leaf Lumina software

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Leaf Lumina software

Post by cgrab »

I have recently bought a Leaf Lumina scanning camera, unfortunately without any drivers or software. Now I would like to find out a) what do I need, and b) how do I get it. The only thing I managed to find was a reference to a photoshop plug-in for Mac, which might mean OS8.xx or OS9.xx and photoshop 5 (or even 3?).

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: Leaf Lumina software

Post by DENNO »

If you are still monitoring this thread, I might have the solution. I do own the original 3.5" diskette that came with the Lumina camera plus manuals.
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Re: Leaf Lumina software

Post by NikonD1X »

Hi Denno

A reader of our internet-site www.digicammuseum.de asked for Windows software (TWAIN), bringing a Leaf Lumina Scannercamera to life. I do own a working Leaf Lumina WITH the Apple Macintosh Photoshop Plug-in. But I have no idea, if there is a Windows software version.

https://www.digicammuseum.de/geschichte ... -von-1994/

You wrote: "I do own the original 3.5" diskette that came with the Lumina camera plus manuals." Is it Mac OS 8.x/9.x software or Windows? In that case I would be interessed in a Windows software copy.

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