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The poor Man’s Still-Video-Camera Part II (not only RC-560!)

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:59 pm
by NikonD1X
The evolution of Still Video Cameras came to its end 1992 with the affordable Canon ION RC-560 (German and others PAL TV system), ION RC-570 (US, Japanese NTSC TV system). An ION with zoom lens and a well equipped system in combination with a high resolution 752 x 582 Pixel Frame-Mode!


Russian Rangefinder-Camera Zenit, captured by the Canon ION RC-560

Surface of the genuine Canon ION Digitizer-Software

Enjoy and please try/use Google Translate: ... 60-ii.html

And as a little „extra“ – NOT for the poor Man ;-) The reproduction of a „No-Name“ Nikon QV 1000. Maybe it’s a „Dummy“ or Mockup“ or even the working Panasonic-produced Nikon SV Prototype...


Find more Still-Video-History (in German): Canon vs. Nikon (Teil 5) – erste Versuche mit Still Video ... video.aspx


Coming more!