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The almost unknown 9 MP FullFrame "Nikon" ;-)

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:56 pm
by NikonD1X
OK, IT IS NOT A Nikon!!


But the rest is true. We are talking about the Leaf Lumina Scancamera equiped with a Nikon F-Mount. The Leaf Lumina scanned an area of 28,5 x 35,5 mm - FullFrame - an produced 3400 x 2700 Pixel – 9 Megapixel images.

Historical Nikons "photographed" by the Leaf Lumina:


Enjoy: ... -1994.html

And please enjoy the Kodak/Nikon Pronea (APS-Models) DCS-DSLRs an some lines about the Minolta RD 3000: ... 3000s.html