Period Kodak DCS brochures: "Trust in The Leaders"

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Period Kodak DCS brochures: "Trust in The Leaders"

Post by Ashley_Pomeroy » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:18 pm

Whilst doing some research for a lengthy blog post about the DCS 460, I stumbled upon this:

(after doing a Google search for "kodak dcs 420 high resolution" - I was trying to place the camera in its historical context. The DCS 200 is even described as "ultra-high resolution"). The site has an archive of PDF scans of what appear to be Kodak promotional brochures for their old digital SLRs. Looks like all of them from the DCS 200 up until the 760, although it doesn't have the NC2000 or DCS-3. It does however have the DCS 465. The DCS-315 download appears to be a copy of Kodak's homepage for the model circa 2000.

The image on the cover of the DCS 460 brochure seems to show a Nikon N90 rather than an N90s body. Perhaps it was an early prototype, or perhaps the lighting is just odd. The spec mentions an ISO equivalent of ISO 100, which must have been changed (although I notice that my camera at least will take a shot at up to ISO 6400 - incredibly noisy - but only one, before defaulting back to ISO 80). Sadly it doesn't have prices.

The DCS 420 brochure also shows a Nikon N90; the DCS 410 brochure shows a Nikon N90s, and the text implies that it is a budget version of the DCS 420 with ISO fixed at 100. I did not know this - I assumed it was a short-lived predecessor of the 420.

Of the DCS 200's application as a photojournalism camera, Kodak says that "It's ideal for business stories featuring people, and for non-action stories such as crime and accident scenes, conventions, and other public meetings."

The DCS 560 brochure contradicts itself with regard to the camera's burst rate; it is however the nicer-looking catalogue, and is clearly aimed at the fashion industry, with a set of fetching photographs of a model on a boat, and also a model with frizzy hair. The images are credited to a photographer called Kim Holcombe, and I'll see if I can find her and grill her about using the camera.

NB There are also brochures for the Agfa Actioncam and Studiocam, and the Nikon D1, Fuji S1 Pro, Dicomed Bigshot, and lots of printers.

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Re: Period Kodak DCS brochures: "Trust in The Leaders"

Post by Webmaster » Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:13 am

Nice find! Thanks for sharing.

Regarding the use of N90 vs N90s bodies, you'll find more info on the excellent Photography In Malaysia website:

"Please note: early DCS-410 and some early version of DCS-420 may be using the Nikon N90 but the model was updated with the newer Nikon N90s (F90x) body chassis, however, we have to assume all DCS-460 is a Nikon N90s/F90x body." ... index1.htm

Regarding the DCS 410 being a budget version of the DCS 420 - I haven't heard this before. Maybe just a marketing gimmick to get rid of old DCS 410 units..?


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