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Post by Guest » Wed Sep 07, 2005 12:35 pm

Can anyone explain how to make the computer connection from the 25pin scsi port on the camera to the port on my computer. The cable is a 50pin
scsi, which will not connect to any ports on my desktop; usb etc.
Thanks !

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Post by Stan Disbrow » Wed Sep 07, 2005 1:55 pm


You'd need to add a SCSI adapter card to the PC first. Most PC's don't come with SCSI adapters, although some servers do.

Once you have an adapter, it'll probably have a 68-pin connector on it. Then, you'll need the correct cable, which are readily available. That 25-pin connection on the 460c is the old Macintosh standard SCSI connection.

The 460 offers a choice of using it's internal terminator, or an external one. I can't recall which SCSI address the 460 forces you to use with the internal terminator. If you want to set the SCSI address yourself, then you need to use an external terminator.

You'll also need the Kodak plug-ins for Photoshop. That's the only software option for the 400 series units. The newer Kodak Photo Desk and Camera Manager applications are for the newer models and won't work with the 460. I'm pretty sure that the older bits are still available for download from the Kodak website.

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