DCS 420 Photo Booth

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DCS 420 Photo Booth

Post by Ashley_Pomeroy » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:04 pm

There's an odd auction on eBay.co.uk at the moment:

It has some snarky and amusing text, and is described as "all you need to take pictures of people and then print them out on actual paper, in NEAR REAL TIME". "This cost aproximately 178 Bazzillion Pounds when it came out and now you can have it for next to nothing!!". "Relive the drama and mystery of the mid 90s!!" etc. It almost seems as if the auctioner is mocking Nikonweb. Nah, can't be.

Unfortunately there's not much detail as to what it is; the picture shows a DCS 420 on a stand, with a computer monitor, a computer base unit - looks to be a PC - plus a studio flash, what look to be a pair of printers, and three huge flightcases. BIN of £100 but you have to collect, from Edinburgh.

I assume it's some kind of in-store photobooth thing, as per the description, and I assume Kodak sold these as a unit, perhaps as a way of getting rid of old DCS 420s. Dunno. I imagine the 420 was hooked up to the computer, which ran DCS Photo Desk or what-have-you, and when it was running you could get instant portrait pictures albeit that the colours would be odd and so forth. I guess the 420 ran off the mains, so the battery might be thoroughly dead, assuming it is even fitted. It seems to come with a bunch of cables as well.

It'd be fascinating to see a period brochure or advert for this kind of thing.

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Re: DCS 420 Photo Booth

Post by Webmaster » Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:35 pm

Sold for £40. 1 bid.


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