History of Kodak DCS-System (Kodak contact info?)

Discuss older Nikon-based Kodak digital SLRs, including DCS 100, DCS 200, NC2000, DCS 400/600/700-series, etc. Ask questions, post general comments, anecdotes, reviews and user tips.
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History of Kodak DCS-System (Kodak contact info?)

Post by umrüd » Sat May 22, 2010 9:40 am

Who knows Jim McGarvey the author of the Kodak DCS-History? Will there be a possibility to contakt him, because of the thechnical data or repairing information for the old DCS-Cameras or digital storage units?

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Re: History of Kodak DCS-System

Post by Webmaster » Tue May 25, 2010 9:18 pm

For general support questions (even for older, "unsupported" models), you should write Kodak professional support at kprodigital@kodak.com

Jim is a registered forum member, so you can also try to post questions right here on NikonWeb.com.


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Re: History of Kodak DCS-System (Kodak contact info?)

Post by umrüd » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:20 pm

Hello Jarle,

after "Kodak Professionals" answering there is no chance to get the technical information about the "digital storage unit". I havn`t seen Jim`s name in the member list. How can i reach him?


I fill in the correspondence with american and german Kodak Service:


I checked with Dimitrios on this one, he is not familiar with the DCS-100. It was also before any of our time here. Unfortunately all we can do is refer you to the
book for this one. Here is a link to the Service and Users Manual, http://faqs.kodak.com/kodakprofessional/FAQ_46_440.shtm

Kodak Technical Support

To: caf@kodak.com
Subject: Dimitrios Theodorou Kodak DCS-100

Hello Mr. Theodorou,

some time ago you have given me advice to change battery-pack of
DCS-465 Digital Back - much thanks about this!
Maybe you have more knowledges about old Kodak-DCS-Systems. I have got
an DCS-100 System now. But the F3 Body doesn t power up and the digital
storage unit shows only information on LCD-Display not on the monitor.
Sometimes the LCD shows "no camera connected", sometimes it shows the
ISO-Status but with the message "Memerror". German Kodak have no more
information but only the generell manual:

"...Die von Ihnen angefragten Pinbelegungen, standen nur ein paar wenigen Technikern, Europa weit zur Verfügung. Nach so langer Zeit war es uns nicht mehr möglich
noch einen Kollegen aus dieser Gruppe zu finden der vor 19 Jahren die DCS 100 Kameras betreut hat.
Uns steht außer dem Handbuch auf Englisch, dass Sie im Anhang finden, leider keine weiteren technischen Informationen zur Verfügung.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Waltraud 1 Huettl
Kodak GmbH
Hedelfinger Str. 60
Stuttgart, DE 70327 "

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Re: History of Kodak DCS-System (Kodak contact info?)

Post by jimmymc » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:08 pm


Jarle called my attention to this thread. I'll try to help you, though my time is limited.

With the DCS100, the first step is to check all the connectors - there are a lot of them - but particularly the plug-in cards in the DSU chassis. Remove and replug those as they can work loose. Loose display and camera boards would account for the symptoms you described.

I would guess you've already separated the F3 and back from the motor drive adapter, but those contacts are vulnerable to oxidation. Clean the gold contacts on the F3 and the pins on the adapter, and re-mate.

Does the backlight on the DSU character LCD come on? Is the DSU responsive to any button presses?

I don't believe there is a "Memerror" message. Could it have been "ROMerror"?

When you press the "Video" button, does anything happen at all? Does the backlight of the image LCD come on? Have you checked whether there is a video signal at the video output on the side?


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