Anyone using the Pro Backs?

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Stan Disbrow
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Anyone using the Pro Backs?

Post by Stan Disbrow » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:26 pm


I'm starting to think about an upgrade in my Kodak DCS world.

To a Pro Back, actually.

I thought about a Leica w/DMR for a long while, but the lens costs are just prohibitive. That's too bad, actually, because the Kodak imager used in the DMR is of a newer design, and so better.

But, the Pro Back Plus mounted on a Mamiya 645 would be a decent upgrade from the 760c.

I also thought about the Contax 645 as well, but once again the glass costs are a bit steep.

My problem is, I have never had a 645 system of any kind, and so wonder if this would be a good step to take or a bad one. Hence, the question. Nothing like hearing from those who use things. :)

It's not an immediate situation. I don't have the Deal oiof the Century hanging in the air at the moment. However, I did just watch a decent sounding Mamiya 645 with Pro Back Plus and a few lenses go for $3500. That got me to thinking, which is *always* a bad thing! :lol:

Note, that this is not a replacement of anything I currently have, it'd be an addition to. :D


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