DCS 560 ("Spirit Creature Not Wearing the Shape of a Man")

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DCS 560 ("Spirit Creature Not Wearing the Shape of a Man")

Post by Ashley_Pomeroy » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:18 pm

Earlier today I spent a good few hours photographing Ulorin Vex, who is on the internet. Most of the time I used a Canon 5D fitted with a Contax-Yashica Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.7, but for about an hour I used my Kodak DCS 560, which I brought along as a kind of novelty backup. As before I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the DCS 560's output. The colours generally aren't right, but they're wrong in a good way that looks like a clever effect rather than a technical limitation. Contrast is good. Here are two examples that are pleasing to the eye:


They have been through Photoshop, but that's because I intend to use the camera - or at least pretend to use the camera - as an actual productive tool rather than an experiment. The two images were shot with a Canon 50mm f/1.8, without the internal AA filter or a hot mirror filter, in a studio with Bowens Esprit digitals.

On a tangent, the studio's hot-shoe mounted infrared flash trigger didn't seem to trigger when I fired off the shutter. My own (seemingly identical, with just a single central contact) trigger worked fine. Is the EOS 1N body fussy about the type of flash units it will fire off? I would have thought it would use generic flash units, and it might have been just a glitch. The sync socket didn't seem to work either, but the sync contract on the cable looked the worse for wear.

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