DCS 620x was planned to be last photojournalist camera

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DCS 620x was planned to be last photojournalist camera

Post by Webmaster » Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:25 pm

More interesting info found in Jim McGarvey's DCS history:

"After Nikon launched the D1, later in '99, Kodak Professional planned to ease out of the photojournalist market and concentrate on studio photography. The Kodak Professional DCS 620x digital camera, with the super high ISO image quality of the Xena CMY imager was planned to be the last DCS photojournalist camera."

But then, two years later:

"With Nikon still happy to supply F5s, it was natural, a "no brainer," in fact, to drop the new DCS Pro 3 electronics into the good old 6XX housing and make some very cool cameras. Despite the intent to back out of the market, the Kodak Professional DCS 720x digital camera was yet another great photojournalist camera with its high ISO and high frame rate. But the DCS 760, introduced at only $7,995, was destined to be a cult camera for the portrait and wedding photographers."


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