DCS3c EOS1n Schematic diagrams? Service manuals? Hacks?

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DCS3c EOS1n Schematic diagrams? Service manuals? Hacks?

Post by dugdiamond » Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:20 am

Does anyone know where to locate a schematic and has anyone tried hacking one of these digital backs?
I Believe my Canon EOS1n shutter is dead.
Otherwise the rest of my DCS3c system that I recently purchased would appear to be functional.
Has anyone considered using the Kodak digital back portion of these systems for a building block to hack upon?!
Just how much of the original camera is modified?
Obviously the film transport mechanics are gutted, but how is a signal intiated to begin processing ccd capture?
I wonder if this ccd, a/d processing circuits and bus could be interfaced to a different camera platform.
I realize that the physical and mechanical packaging is molded to directly fit the EOS, but Lets just gut the unit and hypothetically say that we could mount the ccd correctly inside another camera?
I wonder why there hasn't been any commercial or other attempt to design a universal ccd cartridge that could be installed in slr film cameras?
I have unsuccesfully tried to locate a schematic diagram. Very little technical details found online.
Kodak official response is that they no longer offer support and offers a referral to an authorized service center. Unofficially, they had two different departments contact me and tell me that they no longer have any materials archived for these discontinued and unsupported models.
I contacted their authorized independent service center (Midwest Camera??? I think that's who they referred me to)
The service centers reply was that any schematics that they might have is copywritten by Kodak and they won't release proprietary servicing information. Kinda of a Catch 22!!!! Kodak just stands with the fact that they simply no longer offer support, go see the service people. The service people won't disclose Kodak Service training materials.
Someone has to at the very least has to have a SCHEMATIC somewhere??????????

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Re: DCS3c EOS1n Schematic diagrams? Service manuals? Hacks?

Post by jimmymc » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:36 pm

I'm checking to see whether schematics or other info can be released.

But meanwhile, I can tell you that the EOS1n body from your EOS-DCS camera has special firmware in it to talk to the DCS back firmware (I know, I wrote the DCS side). Even if you did the physical mods to a standard EOS1n body, and connected the wires, it would not work with the DCS.

BTW, That's not the case with DCS200 or DCS400 series cameras - they use unmodified Nikon bodies. All models starting with the DCS500 and 600 cameras have custom firmware in the Nikon or Canon body.

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Re: DCS3c EOS1n Schematic diagrams? Service manuals? Hacks?

Post by nik0web » Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:10 am

I realize that this is a different camera but for what it's worth i'll post the link:


I can't even read it, but still feel there's a wealth of info in the pictures

You have to realize that when Nikon and I think Canon sent the body to Kodak it wasn't the size of the film camera. What they sent was in the frame of the released camera. There was someone selling off new never used bodies on eBay about a year ago. Anyone save a picture?
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Re: DCS3c EOS1n Schematic diagrams? Service manuals? Hacks?

Post by Webmaster » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:51 pm

dugdiamond wrote:I Believe my Canon EOS1n shutter is dead.
Kodak's response: "The shutter failure on the customers camera is only a minor repair (replacement of the shutter assembly) of the EOS1 camera body that could be removed by unscrew the bottom screw and unplug the data cable."

Unfortunately, Kodak could not release the whole service manual, but here's a block diagram which may be helpful:

http://www.nikonweb.com/files/DCS_4XX,EOS_Info.pdf (1.7 MB PDF)


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