DCS 100 - DSU/SCSI nightmare

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Re: DCS 100 - DSU/SCSI nightmare

Post by Whirled One » Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:53 am

nik0web wrote: We used to use a liquid that we wiped on contacts. I can't remember what it was called cause we called it snot. That's what it looked like a clear thick consistency that made the name appropriate. I can't really say that the stuff worked. Nothing seemed to work that you could tell. Don't use that here!
I'm sure I'm not the only one here that would heartily recommend DeoxIT by CAIG Laboratories for cleaning bad contacts. I used to swear by TV tuner cleaner for that purpose... until it became difficult to find due to a lack of TV sets with switch-type rotary tuners. However, DeoxIT works better than any TV tuner cleaner I've seen ever did. DeoxIT is available in various forms; I prefer the 100% strength needle bottle for "wipe-on" applications when you have direct access to the contacts in question (NOTE: a little goes a looong way!), and the 5% spray can for "spray-it-in-and-hope-you-get-it" applications. There is also a Fader version specifically for pots/controls, but the regular version works fine for that too. In fact, I once used a tiny amount of the 100% stuff on a pair of sliding volume control pots in an old boombox. The controls were so badly worn that you could see a line where the carbon track had completely worn through where the slider contacted it, and they hardly worked at all. After just a tiny bit of DeoxIT D100L, those worn-out slider pots almost seemed like new! I was just stunned. The 5% spray isn't quite as amazing due to the high dilution, but it is convenient.

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