Using Hot mirror with DCS 420

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Anssi Krooks
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Using Hot mirror with DCS 420

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Hi all!

It has been a while since my last message, mostly because I was on military service in 2006.

However, I got last week Heliopan Hot mirror filter which filters out allmost compleatly IR-band and some UV-band. I desided to try it with DCS 420 and today I was out for a little spin with DCS 420 and Nikkor 28/2.8 with Hot mirror installed.

Well, today the IR intensivity wasn't very high, but the filter seems to help a little with colors. I'll test some more when there will be more IR-light.

And here's link to the pics: ... 20/070223/

These were made with CS3 beta.

PS: Ambient temperature was -15 degrees celcius and the 420 did run for about an hour and 70 pics. Quite good performance with PC-card hard drive.
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Post by precertvideo »

Those are some nice photos-they make my surroundings look pretty boring...

My EOS•DCS-5 seems to be much more IR sensitive than my DCS-420 (even though they are basically the same thing in different boxes!) Until I got a Hot Mirror, the photos from the EOS were very pink, over exposed, and unusable. With the Hot Mirror they are fine.

Presumably the coverglasses varied with the camera/batch of sensors? The Hot Mirror doesn't make the world of difference with my DCS-420 or 460.

Incidentally-whilst experimenting with this my PCMCIA HDD packed up. (A 170Mb Viper) The camera keeps taking/recording images, but when I try to view them on my PC they don't appear. Funny thing is that the appropriate amount of used space shows when I view the drive properties-Weird!

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