1GB CF is working

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Martin Thees

1GB CF is working

Post by Martin Thees » Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:30 am

Hello to all of you,
I'm new here 'cause i stumbled on this page researching for my "new" digital cam - a DCS 420c.
I'm using it every day now and often get great pictures (with a little PS-tweaking i printed A4-format without problems), and at other times all pictures were black until i figured out that i have to overexpose all pictures at least one stop - that cannot be normal?
You may think why the heck i bought one for serious work - i must say that even a old DSLR is way better than no DSLR ;) and a newer one would not fit my budget cause i'm a student.

Now to the topic of the thread: I'm using a noname (takeMS) 1GB CompactFlash-Card in a old Lexar Type1-PCMCIA-Adapter without any problems, so your assuming that only up to 512MB can work simly is wrong - at least with my firmware dated May1998.

BUT i have Problems with my 512MB Lexar 80x Professional - every time the digiback is turned off i have to take the card out after switching it on and reinsert it - or the cam simly won't write on the card. After this procedure i can fire many shots in a row without any problem and much faster than with the other CF-Card: approximatly every 3seconds after the 5-image-Buffer is full - with the other it is up to 10s.
As soon as i pause long enough that the back turns itself off i have the same problem as described - no writing until reinsert of the card - it drives me mad! So i use this card only for purposes like sports where i need to be fast or when the other card is full :(

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Post by Camnut » Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:14 am

How many frames you got from the 1GB card? If you get about 300 frames, you only using half of the card (512 or so MB) I a time ago, tried to work with CF's but because the extreme etheriality of this support also with my 2005 eos 20d, i decided to stick with the callunas... :shock:

In my humble opinion, a camera with the dictatorship of unplugging and replugging the card is not a good choice.

Martin Thees

Post by Martin Thees » Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:59 pm

I got over 550 images on the 1GB card. So that was no problem.
And this one functions without reenitering it every time - so this is my main card.
I have bought the fast Lexarcard for my PDA but when My 1GB card is full i take this one as Backup.
My Calluna broke last week and finding a good one with enough space is not that easy :( So CF-Cards is my way out of misery ;)

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