Sorry, a bit OT, idea for the forum

Discuss older Nikon-based Kodak digital SLRs, including DCS 100, DCS 200, NC2000, DCS 400/600/700-series, etc. Ask questions, post general comments, anecdotes, reviews and user tips.
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Sorry, a bit OT, idea for the forum

Post by Camnut » Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:55 pm

Please, make a new subforum for vintage digicams in general (not slr or not kodak/nikon) i own some examples of both worlds and i consider it nice because no exists any forum regarding vintage digicams in general.

I own:

2 MAVICAS (the nice ones, with FD)
1 Kodak 420
1 casio qv 10a
1 kodak dc120
1 olympus d500

plus my daily use 20d

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May be not

Post by NIKON KIU » Fri Jan 06, 2006 10:40 pm

I respectfully disagree, The research and time thats required to make a forum meaningfull would be too great of a burden to handle if we went into such a Vast selection of cameras.
This Forum was initially set to have means of a continued research and exploration of Vintage Nikon Digital cameras, I do understand that since the start of this forum we have ventured off-topic to Agfa and Canon but trying to cover Mavicas,Casios and Kodaks takes a forum by itself.
There are point and shoot Digital camera forums out there.

But Nothing like we have here.

BTW I do own a Mavica myself :oops:

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Post by Camnut » Sat Jan 07, 2006 2:42 am

Well, those forums don't got anything to do with VINTAGE digital cameras, this is the only forum on all internet thinking about old digital cameras, and i thinked it can be ok to put a SF to other brands of DSLR or pre MPX p&s.

If this is not possible, then i comed to the wrong place.


Stan Disbrow
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Post by Stan Disbrow » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:19 pm


Well, it would certainly be worthwhile if we can find folks that actually know something about whatever make/model of camera you have in mind. To just set up a series of forums with no one knowledgeable about them wouldn't work out so well, I think.

I think this is what Kiu was thinking as well (or at least that's the way I read it).

What makes this site work for us is the fact that we have several folks that have knowledge of the Nikon and Kodak lines of DSLRs, and we can share what each of us knows to the benefit of others.

Personally, I know diddly/squat about Sony Mavicas even though I happen to work for Sony these days. I'm not in the camera division, so the subject never comes up around here.

As far as digicams go, I've always used SLRs. So, when I went digital it was only with SLRs from Nikon, Kodak and Canon. So, I know I'd not be of any help to anyone when it comes to the older digicams, regardless of brand.

So, I think we'd need to figure out who might happen to have have used digicams, and which makes and models, before we added any new discussion forums.....

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