Why does this conference retain you?

Discuss older Nikon-based Kodak digital SLRs, including DCS 100, DCS 200, NC2000, DCS 400/600/700-series, etc. Ask questions, post general comments, anecdotes, reviews and user tips.
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Why does this conference retain you?

Post by Guest » Sun Nov 13, 2005 11:17 pm

I ve noticed for many times that people are always coming and leaving. What does make you to spend your time here?

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Post by Wolfi » Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:29 am


I'm new here, so I cannot answer.

Personnally I like the earlier digital cameras and devices because I can afford to buy some very specialized things like bw, ir, camera backs, high resolution cameras which were absolutely out of reach for my financial means some years ago.

I believe that the Kodak nikon cameras are highly desirable items and that they are very cheap actually.

I have discovered a french nikon collector forum, and I'll look for others around the world. I would very much like to exchange hints and thoughts, my knowledge is very low and I would like to learn, there are not many forums around where you can talk about Bayer filters and what they are (I don't know yet).
I wish that there were more posts on the forum


Stan Disbrow
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Post by Stan Disbrow » Mon Nov 14, 2005 3:48 pm


Well, for me, I was shooting with most of these cameras when they were the thing to have. I still have a Kodak DCS 560c, a Nikon E2 and a Fuji DS-565 that get regular use even in the face of things like the D2X. ;)

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Post by Wolfi » Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:25 pm

Hi Stan,

THATS what I mean. While collecting these cameras can be used. Possibly each of them has an unbeaten speciality, so I would perhaps say that my 460c is very sharp, the 720x is the fastest camera, the 760 the utmost best 6Mp camera and f5 based, also best best mecanical camera that will ever be made.

My 420m has a problem, but I have produced outstanding (for my eyes) macros in bw with it.

It is very ir sensitive like the 2 and 4 series. Very interesting contrast life, I mean you have to compose, avoid too strong contrasts, like with film.

420c is the cheapest nikon which gives great files .... and so on.

I am an amateur, but as a pro I would use the whole bunch of them instead having the last electronic monster with the 50 Mp files.

Also great, I am on an old macintosh portable, and the files of a 14Mp camera would be too big.

In 8 years I had never had the use of more than an A4 print. And I believe that ALL of the kodaks dcs can do this job.

I have some sharp nikon glass like the 300mm af 1:4 nikkor, 200mm af 1:4D micro nikkor, 2.8 55mm micro nikkor, 1.8 50mm af nikkor.

I'm speculating about a grand angle.

I've read about the 560 which is an amazing camera too.

I would like very much to hear about how the E2 and the DS 565 work, what's specific about these cameras how do the files look

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